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Hi, we’re Jen & Mandy, the coaches at Empowered Minds Kids Studio.

As experienced elementary educators, we loved nothing more than connecting and forming real relationships with our students, but more and more we saw the need for inspiring and guiding children to reach their full potential, build resilience, and develop essential life skills that just couldn’t happen to the fullest extent in the classroom.

We embarked on our Kids Life Coaching journey and are certified Kids Life Coaches, through Kids Life Studio, dedicated to nurturing the true potential of every child. We chose to become an affiliate of the Kids Life Studio’s global network of children’s change makers because the program aligns with our hearts and values and allows us to authentically coach children and families.


We specialize in providing unconditional, unconventional, upbeat upliftment for children and families and we’re committed to fostering resilience, self-esteem, and positive growth in the next generation.

We’re also moms who get just how hard being a parent can be! Parenting is an ever evolving role and finding supportive cheerleaders is essential in this journey. This perspective allows us to connect with families in a very real and authentic non judgmental way. We certainly don’t claim or promise to have any magical quick fixes, but we do promise to walk alongside you as we figure it out together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unconditionally uplift children to become the changemakers of their own lives. We firmly believe that every child has a purpose that they are meant to live and we have profound confidence in knowing that we are here to help them discover and embrace that purpose. Through building relationships, walking our own talk and empathetically living with an open heart we strive to live our mission every day.

Our vision and dream has been to provide a space in the community that fosters connections, family bonding, healthy lifestyles, self- care and love.

Empowered Minds Kids Studio is our dream in action. From a relaxing and peaceful “spa-like” lounge area for parents to unplug and disconnect from their everyday stressors to a large open space for PLAY-based group and individual coaching it is everything and more than we could have dreamed.

what is a kids life coach?

All children should have the opportunity to become the changemakers of their own lives! That’s where we come in! Sometimes it takes an outside unbiased perspective to help bring out the best in ourselves and our children. Through fun, interactive play-based coaching we provide a tangible tool-kit for children that will give them the skills to develop a Growth Mindset for a lifetime of success.

Interested in learning more about The Kids Life StudioⓇ or Kids Life Coaching? Check out The Kids Life Studio page for free resources and the answers to any question you might possibly have.

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Coaching Services

Our Foundation Program does just that- lay the foundation for leading a healthy well balanced lifestyle. The program is geared primarily towards children ages 7-12, but is effective for teens as well. Research has shown that establishing a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle habits should start early on, especially while a child’s brain is open to developing new neural pathways.

Being a teacher for many years and now a mom, I fully understand that children learn best while PLAYING! All of our coaching programs tap into a child’s natural instinct and desire to play, which makes their learning fun and long-lasting. All coaching programs include a tangible take home tool-kit and a home adventure program to solidify the transfer of skills and maintain momentum.

We fully believe that each child is a unique gift with unique ways of learning, so we tailor our coaching program to fit each child’s needs. We ask that you complete the online Kid Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment. This assessment allows us a comprehensive view of your child and sets us up for establishing an effective coaching program with measurable results.

Building Blocks and Maintenance programs will be offered periodically, so stay connected through our social media sites and newsletters for news on when sign ups will be available!

Individual Coaching

Do you feel like your child would learn best in a 1-on-1 setting? Are you looking for a more intensive and longer term coaching experience?

If we recommend our 1-on-1 Foundation Coaching Program this is held over a 7 month time frame and consists of 4 x 45 minute weekly foundation sessions, 4 x 45 minute bi-weekly maintenance sessions and 4 x 30 minute monthly maintenance sessions.

Group Coaching

In this unique 4 week coaching program parents participate with their children the first and last week of the program, which enhances family relationships and allows all key players to be on the same field. This is a group program, so children will learn alongside other children in their same age group allowing ample opportunities to practice and solidify newly learned skills.

If you enroll in a group coaching program, this typically takes place over 4 x 2 hour sessions.

Virtual Option

Building relationships is our highest value and priority and since we play with purpose, in person coaching is always our preferred choice. However, I understand sometimes that is not always possible, so we do also offer virtual coaching to meet everyone’s needs from near and far.

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Shaping Brighter Tomorrows for Children

Having my child do a mentorship with Jen was an absolute gift. She helped my daughter identify her personal goals. By creating a vision board and applying some new tools she has learned from Jen, she is able to consistently work toward those goals in a realistic manner. Jen challenged her to think about situations with a fresh perspective and a positive narrative. She also helped my daughter to establish techniques to use in real life situations, such as establishing and maintaining boundaries with peers without guilt. This is a life skill that adults struggle with. In a short period of time I already see the techniques Jen has shared have allowed my child to become a better version of herself. Her self confidence has improved and she is feeling a great sense of self worth.
Our experience with Coach Jen exceeded our expectations. She skillfully navigated challenges, fostering a positive mindset in our son. The structured sessions and personalized approach not only nurtured important life skills, but also improved our son’s behavior at home and at school. I’ve seen my child blossom into a more resilient and confident individual. I’m highly grateful for this impactful support!
Choosing to do coaching with Jen was a wise decision for our family. Our son had been struggling with making impulsive choices in the heat of the moment. Coach Jen supported him with many valuable and easy to use tools and techniques that have helped him immensely. He’s now able to work through his big emotions in a much more effective way.

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I truly value conversations and hearing the voice behind the 
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There’s No Silly Question… Ask Away!

  • What is the difference between a kids life coach and a counselor?

    Therapy or counseling typically works to heal past trauma or underlying behavioral issues. Kids Life coaching is the process of determining goals (mindset, lifestyle, behavioral, etc) and the obstacles preventing the child from reaching those goals.

    Kids Life coaching is not only for children experiencing problematic behaviors, either. All children can benefit from having a supportive unbiased adult as a cheerleader and life navigator by their side. Children are children and they tend to make impulsive decisions based on immediate gratification. All children have the ability to be coached to self-evaluate and reflect on their choices, so the behaviors they choose set them up for success.

  • How do I know if my child would benefit from kids life coaching?

    No two children or families are alike, so this is a personal question that will depend on your child’s needs. We offer an initial family consultation as a way to meet your family and establish the outcomes you’re looking for. Prior to our consultation we ask that you complete the online Lifestyle Assessment as a way of giving us a full and clear picture of your child, so we can make the best recommendations to suit your family’s needs. In the initial consultation session, you’ll get to experience a few of our play-based coaching techniques and learn more about the benefits of coaching. After it all, you and your child can make an informed decision about how you wish to move forward.

  • What are the steps I can expect if I work with a Kids Life Coach?

    We firmly believe in transparency, so we have a clear 10-step process to ensure your child will show positive results. Click here to see it in detail on the Kids Life Studio site.

  • Will my child enjoy their coaching session?

    ABSOLUTELY! The emphasis of all our coaching programs is on having FUN! We get kids and we know they learn best while having fun and playing. We’re highly interactive, including experiments, sensory play, arts & crafts, toys, games, role play.. You name it and we do it! Kids like to stay busy, so we tap into that natural need for exploration and discovery all the while teaching them life skills that are easily being transferred because they are actually practicing them. We don’t believe in worksheets or “homework”, but we do believe in hands-on tools to make the learning stick. Each child receives a tangible tool-kit filled with motivational resources to help them outside of our coaching.




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